About Us

We are the one who empowers the future of country with talented, skilled and bright students, researchers, doctors , engineers and enterprenuers.

Principal's desk

Mrs.Seeta Singh

"We here at sunrise Convent Senior Secondary School Bhikiyasen firmly believe that the mission of the school is to provide education to each student to the best of his/her abilities and at the same time to provide opportunities for his/her moral, social emotional, physical and artistic growth. The achievement of this goal requires a lot of hard work, sincerely and dedication and we add this school constantly strive for this. This becomes more important in this era where there is a need for students to continuously develop and sustain a competitive standard to attempt their life and only students with an all around personality might have a successful life.

Keeping this in view we here constantly try to adopt the latest teaching methodology. It has helped our students to achieve excellent result in the exams as well as in co-scholastic areas.

This is my earnest request to all the students and their parents that they must have a sense of belongingness for this school. So that it may be easier to show the children the infinite possibilities waiting for them in the world outside."

Manager's Desk

"I am happy to know that Sunrise Convent Secondary School Bhikiyasen bringing out its Website. India is an epitome of the world with its geographical and cultural diversity; not witnessed in any part of the world. People of diverse and variety of cultures lives in peace and unity, and above all being the largest democracy , make India the most unique land in the world. The basic principle of culture of peace and tolerance have to be imbibed in the children of India. Recent studies of early childhood education have been shown some remarkable success. Resulting effects on child motivation and learning power last for a long time. Today an education has important role to play in a society, it is not right to postpone investing in children’s education until they become adult, nor wait till they reach school age. In fact early childhood is a vital phase of life in terms of a child’s intellectual, emotional and social development. Besides this, the most important point to know is that the growth of mental abilities is at an astounding rate and a high proportion of learning takes place during this period. Educational institutions have to incessantly stive to achieve a strong base in the formative years of learning. It is evident in the fact children come joyously to school every morning to quench their thirst for learning."

Dr. Kewal Joshi


To prepare dynamic and caring citizens to meet the challenges of global society while retaining their traditional values.


Sunrise is envisaged as a school with difference. A school that will teach children to be global citizens while retaining their Indian roots and values. A School where learning will be more computer-aided than chalk-oriented. A School that will nurture the mind, body as well as spirit of the children so that they grow into caring and complete adults with a firm belief in truth and secularism.

We Know

We know that tender young minds of today are going to build to build world of tomorrow. And that, at the Sunrise we have the ideal environment where these impressionable young minds can be natured and prepared to face the many challenges of life. We also know that how well we teach will ultimately depend on how well we can engage, And then leverage the inherently curious nature of children. And that the most efficient, long lasting and profound learning takes place when it is started and then pursued by the learners themselves.

We Believe

We believe that we can guide young minds along the path of learning. By creating an environment that is intellectually stimulating and challenging. A path that makes learning a joy-filled experience. We belive that all children are creative and posses their own unique talent, which we must encourage them to develop, and that only be letting them create their own environment, by trusting them and by treating them as capable, we can create a future community of responsible and confident human beings.

Our Curriculum

Sunrise School is an English medium C.B.S.E. affiliated school having all three streams that is (i) Science (ii) Commerce (iii) Humanities, and our educational framework follows the curriculum prescribed by the Board. Going beyoun the curriculum, we always encourage our children to expand their horizons-to include intellect and personality developing activities which makes learning fun.

About Institution

  • Established : Year 1995
  • Area of School Campus :
    1. 2.10 acres ( 8300.90 sq. mtrs)
    2. Built up area (sq. mtrs): 960.67 sq. mtrs
    3. Area of playground in sq. ft: 400 x 216 = 86400 sq. ft.
  • NOC Detail- State Government Uttarakhand NOC no. 842/XXIB-3/2007/01(31)/2006. Dated: 28-06-2007.
  • Recognizing Authority- CBSE, New Delhi
    1. Status Of affiliation- Provisional for secondary Affiliation No.- 3530247 School Code 57136 Affiliation since- 2009 Extension up to- 2017.
    2. Senior secondary level from 01-04-2013 to 31-03-2016.


  • Library Facility
    • Size of the library in sq. feet: 30.0` × 25.0`
    • No. of periodicals: 6
    • No. of Dailies: 5
    • No. of reference books class-wise: I- 300, II- 310- III- 300, IV- 320, V- 290, VI- 260,VII- 250,VIII- 240,IX- 280,X- 260;
    • Total no. of books in library: 2815
    • No. of magazines: 1537
    • Others: English and Hindi Novels, Health Books, Biography books etc.
  • Music room equipped with harmonium , drums and various musical instrument
  • Sports facility with various indoor and outdoor games equipment
  • Audio - Visual room for presentations
  • Transport Facility
    1. Own buses: One
    2. Buses/Jeep hired on contract bases: Two
    3. Details of transport charge: Rs.500 Per Student.
  • Other facilities – Health check up, Spacious air cooled classrooms

Members of School

  • Name of the society- Sun Rise Educational society Bhikiyasen (Almora) valid upto 28 June 2015.
  • Name and Official Address of chairman/ manager: Dr. Kewal Joshi (Manager) Sunrise Convent Senior Sec. School Bhikiyasen (Almora) Post Office-Bhikiyasen Distt- Almora (Uttarakhand ) Pin- 263667.
  • Name and Official Address of President : Mrs. Neema Paliwal ( President) Sunrise Convent Senior Sec. School Bhikiyasen (Almora) Post Office- Bhikiyasen Distt- Almora (Uttarakhand ) Pin- 263667.
  • Name and Detail of Redressal Officer: Dr. Kewal Joshi (Manager) Sunrise Convent Senior Sec. School Bhikiyasen (Almora) Post Office- Bhikiyasen Distt- Almora (Uttarakhand ) Pin- 263667, Phone No. 05966-242019.
  • Members Of Sexual Harassment Committee: Mr. Om Joshi, Mr. P. C. Dorbi, Mrs. Deepa Paliwal, Mr. R. C. Thapliyal, Mr. Grish Joshi.

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